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Who is HA for?

Humanistic Alchemy is suitable for adults who have either already begun or are keen to embark on a (possibly life-long) trajectory of self-directed learning, in company of like-minded spirits.

This course is also for people who have some experience in one or more of the four strands of Humanistic Alchemy. It will best fit those who have sufficient life experience and adequate inner resources to fall back on when their comfort zone is challenged. It is ideal for those who are looking to simultaneously develop personally, creatively, spiritually and professionally.

Humanistic Alchemy is especially, but not exclusively, beneficial for people interested in the psy-practice aspect of working with people in groups. It will suit people who are prepared to follow their own noses as to what constitutes suitable training and what sort of learning environment will support her or his particular creative style.

It is intended that Humanistic Alchemy contributes to establishing an identifiable clear space in the psy field. This clearing will assist the renewal and revitalisation of various existing traditions. Clearance will also make space for new forms of praxis to emerge. This movement has become known as Beyonding. You may want to be part of it.

Is this for you?

If your concern is with obtaining a registration as a precondition of entering into a government-regulated practice as a psychotherapist or counsellor, HA is not the ideal course to sign up for. Needless to say there are other courses that cater for this agenda.

HA's value partly hinges on its disregard for such preoccupations. HA motors on different assumptions, faces in another direction, thrives precisely because it clearly says 'goodbye to all that'. HA serves the healthy counter-cultural fringe every society needs.

A quick look at the course content will confirm that while a high level of emotional competence will be called for, the future practitioner will not be burdened by entrainment into an academic grid, featuring attendance at lectures, the marking of essays and demonstration to public third parties of the attainment of 'standards'.

The course is validated by The Institute for the Development of Human Potential (IDHP). For over 30 years the IDHP has been promoting self and peer assessment (SAPA) as a radical, humanistic and person-centred form of accreditation, in contrast to the prevailing audit culture established by new public management. SAPA entails a rigorous non-hierarchical process in a live experiential group context.

Finally, HA forwards eco-social perspectives. If these don't speak to you at all, or are disagreeable to you, we would advise you to think again whether this course is for you.