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The first intake completed in December 2013. Here are some comments from graduates about their experience.

"If personal development in a variety of its forms interests and excites you and you want to take it to the edge, this is the course for you. Over two years I've been taught different skills by experts in their fields, I have learnt to know myself and, most importantly for me, I have formed deep and enriching bonds with other participants. This is the course for modern wo/man, difficult and challenging at times, but always stimulating, and I can't recommend it highly enough." SI

"The Course has been very exciting. Meeting monthly quite close to the grave of Daniel Defoe, I found myself amongst eleven other stranded Crusoes, of mixed age and gender, creating a new Community from scratch, building on a rich mixture of Medieval Cosmology, 21st Century Humanism and oodles more besides, including lessons from my own personal historic conflicts. Tutors are experienced but actually quite unassuming and usually willing to relinquish control, whilst keeping us safe and stimulated and supported. It's fun, eclectically profound and much in tune with the Zeitgeist, go for it!" JS

"I loved the Humanistic Alchemy course. The ongoing group experience has allowed me to explore the depths and edges of my personality, helping me to recognise and honour both my strengths and my vulnerabilities. The group is held very well by Guy and Amadis, who create a safe enviroment where group members can express themselves and respond to one another in full honesty. I have learned very much from the range of approaches and styles brought by the different facilitators, many of which were previously unknown to me. The workshops are experiential (no lectures) and there is sufficient space for post-workshop reflection. As a result of this course, I am now furthering my exploration of those approaches that I found most interesting. The Humanistic Alchemy course has been truly transformational for me. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in self development work." SDC

"I consider this group a magnificent lab for finding out about myself and others. And how much connection we do have as human beings. The variety of what is offered on all weekends, the skill and humanity of the practitioners, is different to any other groups in which I have participated. I would go as far as saying there is nothing like it in London. In our rule-bound era it is a refreshing mind-expansive experience. One which shifts molecules! Humanistic Alchemy for me is the PhD of life!! " FB

"The marked changes made on my journey with the humanistic alchemy group were in having the chance to delve into the mystery of the human body. I found that I became ignited, and much more passionately involved in the work I do, in a way that satisfies me at a deep emotional level, where my passion could flow and I could be of service. I began work in rehabilitation and found myself much more serious about my daily practice and my own health. I discovered these depths myself, but it was in being held in a safe space that I found ways to access emotions through body work. My personal issues became a pathway to intimate involvement with others. Now my work is shared in a emotionally connected way. I find myself released from my attachment to peace, which had prevented me from getting involved in the sticky business and emotional highs and lows of everyday life. If you want to learn how to be ecstatically involved with your life, the facilitators and course leaders are there to support your alchemical growth. You will find all you need to assist you here." AT

And for good measure...

"Overall an excellent course, but there should have been more emphasis on me." Narsi Sist

"It's like, wow, y'know, I mean totally... yeh." Koh Heerant

"Forsooth, 'tis not alchemy as is taught at the great centres of learning. I saw no ambix, cucurbit nor retort, and of bats blood, mandragore and sundry chymicals there was a veritable paucity. But I enjoyed the tea breaks." John Dee