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Beyond HA

Associates of Humanistic Alchemy - a vision of community with a vision! AHA is both the moment of realisation and the anagram for the association that graduates, if they so wish, will be members of. AHA is conceived as an ongoing community of like-minded and light-hearted mutually-supporting individuals, engaged in continuous personal and transpersonal evolution. Personal development course for transformation, healing and self-actualisationAutonomy is not sacrificed for unanimity, nor is communal cohesion compromised for the sake of atomistic self-interest.

AHA will neither be a forum for self-promoting marketeers, nor a cultish collective. Its principles are to foster versatility, interactivity, curiosity, subjectivity; supportiveness, altruism, fellowship and conviviality. AHA will take a little imagination, moderate motivation and reasonable commitment. Whilst our society increasingly advocates seeing ourselves and others as production-consumption units, AHA will aim to be an oasis of people-centered and matrixial culture. At this stage of HA there is not much more we can say as to what exactly AHA will look like: a venture for adventure, an alliance of free-spirits, a team with a dream? For it will be the contributions of its future members - coordinators, facilitators and completers of the course, that will clarify, distil and substantiate its vision.

This course is akin to following a long winding river and stopping at certain bends en route: taking in the view for a while, breathing in the aromas and tasting the produce of the place, then moving downstream on to different locations.

By the end of the journey you will have visited numerous terrains, explored unique environments and discovered a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells and textures. By the time you reach the sea you may seem the same on the outside, yet inside of you a new perceptual field will have been generated. You will have gained insights and developed an inner compass to guide you along the further reaches of your journey. AHA will be there for your onward support.

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Personal development course for transformation, healing and self-actualisation